About Us

We are a dedicated team bringing the Dynamic Electrolyser Unit to the emerging PtX-market. The potential value of the PtX-market is forecasted to exceed the oil and gas market as demand for electrofuels increases. DynElectro is committed to secure a part of this market. It also motivates us, that our technology will help reach the global goals of reducing the CO2 emissions. We are based in Denmark, 30 km west of Copenhagen where we have a laboratory for developing/testing Dynamic Electrolyser Units.


Founder and CEO

Søren has an academic background in electro physics. He holds a PhD from Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and has been working as a senior scientist at DTU for several years. He is an expert in solid oxide cells and batteries for large-scale electricity conversion and storage. During his career he has worked as project leader on several research and development projects focusing on development and testing of solid oxide cells and batteries. Today Søren holds a position as professor at Aalborg University, Department of Energy Technology. In 2018 Søren founded DynElectro to focus on Power to X production and to be part of the world’s green transition.


Partner and General Manager

Morten has 20 years of experience working as a commercial airline pilot. Being an airline captain for the last 10 years, has given him a solid experience with team leadership and performance, evident based and analytic decision making and resource management. Being the General Manager at DynElectro, Morten is bringing his skills and passion for detail into the daily running of the company.


Partner and COO

Samantha is an engineer with over 35 years international energy and natural resources experience. She has worked in various locations worldwide, including North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East and Africa. Samantha is a production optimisation expert specialising in innovation and technology application within the natural resource sector.

Samantha began her engineering career with Shell in 1994, holding various technical and leadership roles, combining these skills to challenge assumptions and improve decision making. Samantha has also worked with Maersk Oil, Origin Energy and more than 10 years in the North American mining sector.

Advisory Board


Niels is a senior professional with a successful track record of science, technology, innovation, management of industrial technology strategies and university/industrial collaboration. Niels has previously worked as consultant on identification, evaluation and transfer of science and advanced technologies to industrial application and implementation. Niels has lectured worldwide on innovation and complex problem solving in materials and fuel cell technologies.


Scientific Officer and Investment Manager at Innovation Fund Denmark.


Research Professor at Department of Energy Conversion and Storage, Technical University of Denmark, DTU