DynAmmonia Project

DynElectro would like to thank EUDP for their interest in supporting and funding the DynAmmonia project.

The overall objectives of the DynAmmonia EUDP project is to prove the outstanding potential of the AC:DC operation technology by conducting long-term testing on 5 kW stacks. This will allow the DynAmmonia consortium to prepare for a subsequent 1 MW demonstration by developing the required control tools, components, designs and plans.


Specifically, the objectives in the DynAmmonia project are:

  • Develop a stack model (with detailed modelling of the processes inside the SOE stack) and use it to develop a control tool for optimal AC:DC operation.

  • Prove that the AC:DC technique can ensure an even temperature distribution, increase lifetime (from 2 to 10 years), and allow for load-following dynamic operation of solid oxide electrolyser stacks. This will be done through 6 months testing of 5 kW stacks.

  • Develop an advanced power converter. This is required for dynamic operation of large electrolysers plants utilising the AC:DC technique.

  • Identify offshore requirements and implement in design and operation strategies. Specific conditions and requirements for offshore applications will be identified and taken into the design of units and plants as well as integrated in the operation profile of the Dynamic Electrolyser.

  • Make compact design and smart integration of large (MW-sized) modules to decrease SOE plant footprint.

Project Info:



Energiteknologisk Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram

Jul 2021 – Dec 2022



Energy Tecnology, Aalborg University




PowerCon A/S

Siemens Gamesa